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Kind of a funny story. I lived in Juneau, Alaska for 25 years. On the 349th rainy day of the 365 day year, I dreamed, someday I will have an apple orchard and raise alpacas. Sixteen years ago I moved to Port Angeles and bought property with a small apple orchard. Five years ago I re-homed my first Llama and Alpaca. I knew nothing about them except like everyone else, I thought they would make a neat pet. Five years later, I now surf the internet pleading people who want to “give away” their animals to allow us to re-home them. WHY? As our economy dropped, more people became income challenged. They begin looking for resources. Sadly enough, two of those are money and food. Horses, goats, sheep, and alpacas all become a free food resource. Alpaca meat is a very sought after protein source in the United States as well as other countries. Free alpacas can either go to the butcher or the “meat market” to be auctioned. The second reason is Alpacas are not just CUTE pets. There are a very specific type of animal requiring specific knowledge and care. They are not a yard ornament.

We provide a safe, secure resource for people who need to re-home their animals but want to ensure they are provided only the very best homes. Many situations do not allow the animal owner to ensure this process is done. Many situations are necessary immediately due to safety or illness of the animals and some situations are because of third party intervention. Once we bring new animals to our farm, the animals are medically, socially, and physically inspected. Some of these processes may take up-to 6 months to ensure proper and complete evaluation. Once evaluated, some animals may not be ready to re-home. Some may need extended medical care, some may need behavioral work, and some will need neutering.

Rescue operations need capital to operate. One vet call is anywhere from $400 to $4000. TO support our expenses, we have started providing fleece and alpaca bean tea products. We sell anything from raw fleece to roving to finished fine yarn and rug yarn. We retail Alpaca Bean Tea, which is a compost tea high in nitrogen and potassium. We also have started a breeding program for our higher quality fleece alpacas for people who want to raise fleece animals. As with our rescues, in order for an alpaca transfer, a complete application which includes personal and vet references, a site visit, and a completed training program or knowledge assessment prior to re-homing.

We are currently looking at expanding with a 4-H program, an alpaca tour program which includes an onsite store, interaction area, and a 15 minute educational lecture. We also are looking into providing therapy alpaca sessions for Veterans and medically needy. We are currently working on funding for these expansions.

As for today, we currently have 25 alpacas, 10 apples trees and in Port Angeles it rains a lot less than 349 days a year